A celebration of Mississippi’s rich musical heritage, A Cast of Blues exhibition features 15 resin-cast masks of blues legends created by artist Sharon McConnell-Dickerson, as well as, 15 color photographs of performers and of juke joints by acclaimed photographer Ken Murphy.

The captivating masks and images tell the story of the hopes, sorrows, and triumphs of the men and women who lived and breathed the blues in Mississippi.


The exhibition includes musical playlists and is a multi-sensory experience with sight, hearing, and touch encounters.

A Cast of Blues

The Smithsonian Institution’s Water/Ways exhibition dives into water--an essential component of life on our planet, environmentally, culturally, and historically.

In societies across the globe, water serves as a source of peace and contemplation. 

Water also plays a practical role in American society. The availability of water affected settlement and migration patterns.


Access to water and control of water resources have long been a central part of economic planning. Human creativity and resourcefulness provide new ways of protecting water resources and renewing respect for the natural environment.

Exhibit is in partnership with the Alabama Humanities Foundation.


Guntersville History & Nostalgia

Always on exhibit:


From Native American artifacts and early Guntersville history to local celebrities and boat stories.

A digital exhibit, Life on the Tennessee River, takes visitors through our region's history of the Tennessee River and a 70-foot hand-painted floor mural depicts many of the twists and turns of the river from end to end.